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How To Sharpen Chainsaw Chains

Best Ways To Sharpen Chainsaw Chains From time-to time, sharp objects such as axes, knives and swords get blunt and need sharpening. The same is also true with chainsaws, believe it or not. But, how does a chainsaw become blunt, and how can you sharpen it when

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Top Chainsaw Safety Tips Chainsaws are great machines for tree surgeons and anyone wishing to cut down trees or chop wood. Using a chainsaw, you can have the job completed within a matter of seconds, compared to traditional methods such as an axe. But, just like any

When to Replace your Chainsaw Bar

The Best Time To Replace Your Chainsaw Bar So, your chainsaw isn’t what it used to be. It is used to be able to cut down trees with ease and also make firewood without a hitch, but now, something is wrong. Your cuts are no longer straight,

When Was the Chainsaw Invented

The Birth Of The Chainsaw Chainsaws today are widely used for chopping down trees and creating firewood. We often associate the use of chainsaws with lumberjacks and wood sculptors. The chainsaw may seem like a fairly modern invention, but in fact, the idea of the chainsaw came

How to Properly Use a Chainsaw

Best Way To Use A Chainsaw When starting any DIY activity, in-doors or outside, you are mostly likely going to be using tools and equipment that can potentially cause you pain and serious injury. A hammer has the ability to break bones, a sander can cause serious