Efco MT4100SP Petrol Chainsaw

The Efco brand is popular within the garden tools industry thanks to their lawnmowers and other popular power tools. Their products are manufactured by Emak which is one of the popular brands when it comes to garden power tools and they continue to be a big hit among chainsaw users. If you are serious when it comes to chainsaws then you may look towards the Efco MT4100SP Petrol Chainsaw (VIEW PRICE HERE!) as your next purchase. This particular chainsaw is very compact and its chain end is only 16 inches in length, giving it much more of a robust design that it is easy to carry. Efco wanted to produce a chainsaw that was a little more eco-friendly when compared with other chainsaws on the market, and with the release of the Efco MT4100SP Petrol Chainsaw they have achieved just that.

This chainsaw is much better for the environment thanks to its engine technology that can achieve 75% less noxious emissions, and its fuel consumption is 40% less when compared with other chainsaws on the market. This chainsaw is a little pricey for one that is only recommended to undertake jobs at home but it’s still worth every penny thanks to the comfort and engine technology it provides. User comfort was another priority for Efco and they have made sure this chainsaw is lightweight and compact so consumers can complete jobs overhead with ease. There isn’t a much better chainsaw on the market today and even though this one is a little pricey, is still does everything it says it will on the tin. This chainsaw is perfect for those looking to cut overhanging branches and tough wooden logs that aren’t too thick. There are of course many other uses for this chainsaw thanks to its 39cc motor and engine technology that lets users cut wooden objects with ease. Have a look at some of the features this Efco product provides:

  • Better for the environment – This chainsaw was designed with the environment in mind which is why its fuel consumption is 40% less than other chainsaws on the market. This chainsaw also has 75% less noxious emissions which makes it one of the best chainsaws when it comes to the environment.
  • Comfortable and compact – This chainsaw is perfectly comfortable to use thanks to its lightweight and compact design. Using this chainsaw overhead can be done with ease thanks to it weighing just 4.2kg.
  • Lightweight and durable – This product only weighs 4.2kg in total so some questions are asked as to whether it’s robust and durable enough to use during tougher applications and the answer to that is “yes” – it’s perfectly capable thanks to its compact structure.
  • Anti-kickback protection – The anti-kickback protection will ensure you are always safe even when during the chainsaws toughest applications – where some chainsaws might not prevent kickback.
  • Adjustable chain – The chain is adjustable so you can tighten it by simply turning a wheel to suit your specific needs.
  • Oregon bar and chain – This chainsaw is built around the popular Oregon bar and chain so you can be sure your cuts are done quickly and effortlessly. There isn’t a better bar and chain on the market which is why you will find all popular brands use the Oregon bar and chain.
  • 3 year warranty – You will have peace of mind knowing that your product comes with a 3 year warranty. This means that if your product doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to because of technical problems then you will be able to get a repair or replacement.
  • Easy start recoil system – The easy start recoil system will make sure you are not waiting around trying to start the engine. The engine starts with ease and you can concentrate on what really matters.
  • Emak 39cc engine – The powerful 39cc engine by Emak makes cutting effortless and some buyers have described using the chainsaw like “cutting through butter” when it comes to wooden materials. Emak are well-known for their garden power tools and have been providing top quality lawn mowers and chainsaws to consumers for years thanks to their engine technology.
  • Low noise – This chainsaw is considerably less noisy than some of its competitors so you will be able to use this out of hours without it making too much noise. It’s always important to wear safety protection such as earmuffs when in operation but thanks to its noise reduction, it wouldn’t harm the hearing as much without them.
  • Anti-vibration system – A clever anti-vibration system was implemented into this chainsaws design to make operating it much more comfortable when compared with other chainsaws on the market. Users aren’t left feeling numb after prolonged periods of use thanks to this ant-vibration system.
  • Ergonomically designed – As with most power tools in the industry, this petrol chainsaw was designed ergonomically so that users are much more comfortable during use.
  • Front guard protection – This chainsaw has a front guard protection which protects the users hands from any potential damage from the blade.

This Efco chainsaw is in the higher-end market and it is only recommended for experienced chainsaw users, but it is very simple to use and anybody with a bit of experience with petrol cutters will be able to undertake jobs using this chainsaw with ease. If you aren’t afraid of investing a big sum of money into a chainsaw that is going to last you for years, and has all of the features needed to make your experience easy, then this chainsaw will certainly do the trick. This product can undertake cutting jobs on a daily basis and thanks to its lightweight and robust design it won’t succumb to any damage very easily. This product is particularly great for those looking for a petrol chainsaw that isn’t going to have as much of an effect on the environment thanks to its quality engine design that was manufactured for that exact reason.


Features: Lower noise – Anti-vibration – Safety protection – Ergonomically designed – Anti-kickback protection – 3 year warranty – Adjustable chain – Oregon bar and chain

Pricing: High-End

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