Best Petrol Chainsaws – Top 3 In 2018 – 2019

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MAKITA EA4300F38C Electronic ignition, Anti vibration, Improved handling, Ergonomic design High-End VIEW PRICE HERE!

Efco 147 Semi auto choke, Good handling, Side chain tensioner, High torque at low revolutions High-End VIEW PRICE HERE!

McCulloch Petrol Chainsaw Choke, primer & ignition, Tool less chain tensioning, Low-kickback bar & chain combo Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Petrol Chainsaws

Trimming and felling trees in your garden can be a big job. You can use a hand saw, but this is hard work and not always practical. The best tool for the job is a chainsaw so that you can make light work of trimming. There are many types on the market including electric powered, but these can be restrictive because of the cord. Petrol chainsaws give you more freedom and are generally more powerful. Here are three of the top petrol chainsaws on the market.


Makita EA4300F38C Review – Our Number 1

MAKITA EA4300F38CThe this product comes from one of the best tool manufactures in the business – Makita. The EA4300F38C (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a feature packed chainsaw that is designed to be efficient as well as powerful. Here are a few reasons why it has reached number one.

  • A 38cm or 15in arm means you have a great reach when you are trimming, it also allows you to cut larger logs easily.
  • A powerful 43cc motor complete with electronic ignition is ideal compared to the hand pulled ignition.
  • An anti-vibration system to minimise dangerous vibrations from the chain and motor.
  • Perfectly balanced to make it easier to use the chainsaw when working at height.

The Makita is a great all round chainsaw that is well built and perfectly balanced. It is no surprise that it has reached number one.



Efco 147 Review – Number 2

Efco 147The Efco 147 is one of the smaller chainsaws, but it packs a lot of punch for its size. It has a number of features that really impress and make it a good bet for anyone looking to work on trees or saw logs. Here is why it has reached number two.

  • The carburettor is fitted with a compensator to keep the air and fuel mixture at the peak of efficiency.
  • A semi-automatic choke gives you a trouble free start from a cold engine. It is also equipped with high torque even at low revolutions.
  • Side chain tensioner makes it easier to work on the chain with no tools needed.

This chainsaw boasts a powerful motor with easy cleaning and maintenance to make it a very good buy. It is suitable for any medium or large trees for both trimming and logging.



McCulloch Petrol Chainsaw Review – Number 3

McCulloch Petrol ChainsawThe McCulloch Chainsaw is striking in its black and yellow, but it doesn’t end there. It has an advanced motor and other innovative ideas that put it firmly at number three.

  • An advanced OXYPower 36 cc engine means you have power at your fingertips when you need it.
  • It is equipped with a 14 inch bar with anti-vibration handles to give you great reach with no hassle.
  • The McCulloch has a choke with a primer and an ignition switch for easy starting even from cold.
  • You can adjust the tension of the chain easily without the use of any tools. This makes working on the chainsaw quick and easy.

The McCulloch is a well-built chainsaw that has a number of great features. The long cutting bar and efficient engine mean that you will always get the best cut from this machine. This is just some of the reasons why it has made the top three.




The Makita has come out on top in our top three and it’s easy to see why that’s the case. It features a number of impressive things including electronic ignition and a long cutting arm. This coupled with its perfect balance and anti-vibration system, means that you are getting a chainsaw that will be a great tool to work with. It will also last you for many happy years of service.



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