Best Chainsaw Safety Glove Reviews – Top 2 In 2018 – 2019

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Oregon Smooth leather material – Hi-visibility – Close fit wrist design – Domestic & Commercial use – Durable Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

VonHaus Elasticated gloves – Domestic & Professional use – Durable Dyneema material – Leather design Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Best Chainsaw Gloves For Safety

Good safety gloves are mandatory for anybody undertaking any jobs that include using a chainsaw. Gloves can be the difference of getting a job done safely or potentially gaining a fatal life changing injury. It’s easy to not take gloves seriously when using a chainsaw, but they really can be life savers and it’s always recommended to wear the best gloves available for any chainsaw job. Whether you are just an odd job chainsaw user or a user of chainsaws on a daily basis, get the best gloves and you will be surprised about how much they can protect you.

Some gloves can be expensive, but they don’t have to be that expensive to prevent your hands or wrists from injury. At the same time, it’s not always worth investing in a cheap pair of gloves just because they are cheap either, and it’s always best to research the gloves to make sure they suit your individual needs. Even if you are a first time user of chainsaws, just wait to start the job until you have the right safety equipment to undertake it. Nobody can stress enough how important it is to wear the right safety equipment when using chainsaws, because you may think you are only undertaking a simple two minute job with one but it could prove to be fatal.

There are thousands of pairs of safety gloves to choose from, ranging from low prices to extortionate prices. If you are currently on the lookout for a good set of gloves but you’re not interested in paying an arm and a leg for a pair, have a look at the 3 pairs of gloves that are most popular in the industry right now and your hands will be well looked after, for a fraction of the price.


Oregon Review – Our Number 1

gloves by OregonThese gloves by Oregon (VIEW PRICE HERE!) will make sure your hands and wrists are in the safest place when using chainsaws and other power tools. These gloves have a smooth leather effect that makes holding a chainsaw easy and comfortable; it also provides a much better grip so you are in full control of the chainsaw during operation. Have a look at some of the features these gloves provide:

  • Smooth leather – The smooth leather helps users grip the chainsaw and also provides a safe working environment. Most gloves on the market are a little too thick which means users can feel their surroundings, but the thinner designs these gloves consist of means users are able to feel everything and still be protected.
  • Hi-visibility gloves – These gloves are hi-visibility which means they can be seen from a distant in areas where light is limited. These are handy for the people that work roadside and vehicles are often driving past, their lights will reflect off the gloves.
  • Close fit wrists – The wrists are perfectly safe thanks to the close fit elasticated wrist designs implemented into these gloves.

In conclusion, these gloves are the perfect pair of gloves for anybody looking to undertake jobs when using a chainsaw is necessary. These gloves can also be used for multiple other purposes which makes them a sure winner in the current safety gloves industry.


Features: Smooth leather material – Hi-visibility – Close fit wrist design – Domestic & Commercial use – Durable

Pricing: Mid Range



VonHaus Review – Number 2

VonHaus ReviewThese certified chainsaw gloves from Vonhaus consist of multiple materials to make sure your chainsaw cutting experience is much more comfortable. These gloves are made from leather which provides the user with better grip and also Dyneema cloth that keeps the user comfortable. The elasticated cuffs will ensure gloves fit users perfectly well and aren’t going to slide off even when operating the chainsaw. Have a look at some of the other features these gloves provide their users:

  • Elasticated cuffs – The cuffs come elasticated which will ensure your gloves are a comfortable fit, and the cuffs also prevent dust and other materials from entering the inside of the glove.
  • Durable and comfortable – These gloves were designed to be as comfortable as possible because the last thing you want when wearing them is to feel agitated. These gloves are long lasting and durable thanks to the rubber and plastic materials used to produce them.
  • Domestic & Professional use – These gloves can be used on the odd occasion around the garden or can be used on a daily basis and they will still retain their quality for months. These gloves are certainly up there with the best quality and even though they are cheap, they are not cheap when it comes to the quality they provide.
  • Dust prevention – The cuffs on the wrists prevent any dust from entering the main glove area.

These gloves offer excellent value for money and even though users of chainsaws should never buy gloves just because they are cheap, this pair offers excellent security and can compete with the higher-end gloves out there. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that are affordable but also have the quality needed to protect your hands, then these gloves should definitely be considered.


Features: Elasticated gloves – Domestic & Professional use – Durable Dyneema material – Leather design

Pricing: Affordable




The Oregon Chainsaw Protection gloves get the vote and should be considered by anyone looking for a pair to protect them from their chainsaws. These gloves are durable and long lasting so you can be sure you are getting a pair of chainsaw protection gloves that are well worth the money.

The fact is, everybody should be wearing chainsaw gloves whether they are inexperience or a professional and they can definitely be the difference between completing a job or succumbing to a fatal accident.


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