Einhell BG-PC 2245 50cc Petrol Chainsaw

You may have already heard of the Einhell brand thanks to the fact they have been providing chainsaws to the tools industry for years now and pride themselves on robust chainsaw products that are easy to use. The Einhell BG-PC 2245 50cc Petrol Chainsaw (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is no different and certainly lives up to the standards set by Einhell in the chainsaw industry. This particular product is well suited for both domestic and commercial use thanks to its variety of features and powerful 50cc petrol motor, so cutting thick logs and heavy branches can be done with ease.

Einhell Chainsaw Review - 2015 - 2016This Einhell product is very affordable when compared with other chainsaw products so you can be sure you are going to get great value for money, and a product that is going to last. The price tag to some people might suggest that this chainsaw doesn’t have the features or the robustness to tackle some of the tougher jobs, when in actual fact it was designed to cut down the toughest of trees and thickest of branches effortlessly. Einhell definitely know a thing or two when it comes to manufacturing top quality chainsaw products, so you can guarantee you are going to get not only an easy experience when using one, but also a safe experience thanks to the safety features that have been implemented. We could go on all day about how good this chainsaw really is but it would be up to you to make your own decision on if this product suits your needs, and you can do that by having a look at the following features this product provides:

  • Automatic chain lubrication – The chain is automatically lubricated during use so you can carry on undertaking jobs as normal without having to lubricate any of its parts to use. This is one of the best features this product provides because it takes a lot of time to lubricate parts.
  • 50cc motor – The 50 cc engine is powerful enough to undertake most of the toughest cutting jobs around. You will be able to cut through thick density logs and cut overhanging branches with ease thanks to the power this engine possesses.
  • Oregon bar and chain – The popular Oregon bar and chain is integrated with this chainsaw so you can ensure that along with the powerful motor, this chainsaw also comes with the right components that makes cutting even easier.
  • Chain brake – The chain brake is there to provide even safer working practises. If the chainsaw senses a kickback it will automatically brake for your own safety and others around you.
  • Hand guard – The hand guard is a common feature among all chainsaws these days and this one is no different. The hand guard will keep your hand safe during operation so you’ll never have to worry about injury. Wearing the right chainsaw gloves is also mandatory to provide even further protection.
  • Electronic ignition – Turning on the chainsaw is easy thanks to the electronic ignition. Simply switching it on is all it takes to get going and with the auto-choke feature means you’ll not have to play with the choke settings to get it working.
  • 2 year warranty – For your own peace of mind Einhell provides 2 years free warranty for their power tools so you can be sure that you are going to get a product that is going to last a lifetime, and if it doesn’t, it will get replaced.
  • Easy to use and assemble – This product comes with a manual that will help you set it up and get going within minutes of getting it out of the box. You will also be presented with helpful information and ways you can stay safe during operation.
  • Anti-vibrations – The anti-vibration system that this chainsaw has is second to none. It will make your cutting experience much easier and less straining on your arms. You will be able to undertake your jobs without feeling numb at the end of them.
  • Multiple accessories – This chainsaw comes with multiple accessories to make your chainsaw cutting experience easy. You will be presented with an easy to follow manual that will give you help and guidance in setting up the chainsaw, and you will also be provided with a couple of extras such as the file to sharpen the chain, and the oil mixing bottle.
  • Lightweight and robust – This Einhell product was designed to be lightweight, feature-rich, and compact in one, and they have done that with this chainsaw. This product weighs a lot less than its competitors and you will find it is comfortable and easy to handle during any application.

In terms of affordability, this chainsaw is up there with the cheapest when compared with other chainsaw’s features and ease of use, so it’s perfect for first time buyers or inexperienced users. This chainsaw provides a lot of great features that can often be found on some of the higher-end products so you can be sure that when buying this product, you will get excellent value for money. Of course, the most important questions to ask when buying a chainsaw is if it is robust and if it can last a long time, and the answer to those questions is “yes”.


Features: Anti-vibration system – Lightweight – Easy to use – Electronic ignition – 2 year warranty

Pricing: Affordable


Einhell BG-PC 2245 50cc Petrol Chainsaw with autochoke and 45cm Oregon Bar
  • Powerful 50cc Petrol Chainsaw
  • Auto-choke, primer and electronic ignition for quick and easy starting.
  • High quality Oregon bar and chain.
  • Chain brake and hand guard for increased safety.
  • Automatic lubrication of cutter rail and chain.

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