Best Chains For Saws – Reviews Of 2018 – 2019

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Bosch Official Bosch product – Easy to sharpen – Versatile with Bosch chainsaws Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Oregon Anti-kickback – Vibration reduction – High performance Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Stihl Low kickback – 12-inch – Versatile – Robust Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Chainsaw Chains On The Market

Chainsaws are only as good as the chains they use and if your chainsaw doesn’t have a good chain then the chances are your chainsaw won’t last long at all. Chainsaws are expected to cut through thick density wood on a daily basis and if the chain isn’t of good quality, then that will make cutting a lot harder, thus will use more power and eventually overload the chainsaw. To prevent this from happening it’s always important to invest in a good chain, whatever the cost.

Most chainsaws these days come with good chains but after using them for a few months they can no longer be sharpened, and will need replacing. If you are currently on the lookout for a new chain, have a look at the top three chains on the market below.


Bosch Review – Our Number 1

Bosch ReviewThe Bosch brand never fails to amaze their customers with some of the products they provide and this chain is no different (VIEW PRICE HERE!). It is a genuine Bosch product that has the quality to compete with the higher-end chains out there but thanks to its price tag, is still able to compete with the more affordable chains as well. If you are looking for a good quality chain that is going to be able to undertake the toughest of applications, this chain will do the trick. Have a look at some of the features this chain offers its consumers:

  • Can cater for a variety of Bosch chainsaws – This particular chain is well-known for its diversity and can cater to the needs of multiple Bosch chainsaws. This means that if you already have a chainsaw that is a Bosch branded product, you can expect this product will fit nicely regardless of the model.
  • Official Bosch product – There are many tools out there that claim to be Bosch when it’s actually just a fake, and in turn will not provide you with the decent experience you would expect from a Bosch product. This 1.1mm chain is the official Bosch chain so you can be sure it is going to retain its quality for a long time.
  • Robust – This chain is very robust and can take on any tough applications that get in its way. If you are looking for a chain that is not only affordable but is going to last a while, this chain is the answer.
  • Easy to sharpen – Thanks to this high grade material this product consists of means that it is not only long lasting but it can also be sharpened easy using manual and automated sharpening machinery. This product will last long and can be sharpened plenty of times before it needs to be replaced.

This particular chain by Bosch can be fitted with most Bosch chainsaws which gives it the edge over other chains out there. If you are looking for a chain that can be sharpened easily when it starts to get a bit blunt, then this chain can also be sharpened by the latest sharpening tools too. This chain is very affordable so it can compete with all of the other chains on the market. If you are looking for a good quality Bosch chain for your Bosch branded chainsaw, this would be the chain to buy.


Features: Official Bosch product – Easy to sharpen – Versatile with Bosch chainsaws

Pricing: Affordable



Oregon 91P Review – Number 2

Oregon 91P ReviewYou will find that most modern chainsaws these days already come with an Oregon chain, and this is simply because it provides many more benefits to chainsaws than other chains out there. This Oregon 91P Chainsaw Chain is for 16” bars and consists of 57 links. It helps chainsaws prevent kickback and is the much safer option when compared with other chains out there. Have a look at some of the other features this chain provides:

  • Anti-kickback – This chain helps prevent kickback for chainsaws so it is one of the preferred chains out there thanks to this safety feature.
  • Fits plenty of chainsaws – This chain can fit with more than 80 chainsaws making it one of the most versatile chains around. There aren’t many chainsaws this chain doesn’t fit thanks to it being an Oregon product that most chainsaws use already.
  • Helps with low vibration – This chain design consists of special low-vibration heels which helps lower vibration in a variety of chainsaws.
  • Best performance – Even though this chain was designed to help prevent kickback and offer a reduction in vibration, it still offers a high cutting performance.

All in all this chain is perfect for any user with a variety of chainsaws looking for a replacement. This chain can be sharpened with ease using a variety of sharpening tools and represents excellent value for money. If you are looking for an affordable chain then you should definitely consider the Oregon chain and all of the benefits it offers.


Features: Anti-kickback – Vibration reduction – High performance

Pricing: Affordable



Stihl Review – Number 3

genuine-stihl-chainsaw-chainStihl is one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to garden/landscaping tools and if you are looking for a chain that is going to be a good addition to any chainsaw out there, you should definitely consider this Stihl product. Stihl know a thing or two when it comes to chains as they are one of the biggest suppliers when it comes to landscaping business tools so you can be sure you are going to get a good product that is going to last. Have a look at some of the features this chain offers its users:

  • Robust – For the price tag this chain comes at, it’s still very robust and can compete with other chains in the market with ease. This chain certainly isn’t going to fail in any of the jobs you undertake with it and as it can be sharpened with any modern sharpener available, makes this a very good replacement chain.
  • Low-kickback – This chain was designed to provide as little kickback to the user as possible and Stihl have managed to do that with this product. Low kickback means less risk of damaging the product or worse, the person operating it.
  • Fits multiple Stihl products – This chain is very versatile in the sense it can cater for 11 different Stihl chainsaws, making it a good replacement option for any Stihl chainsaw owners.

There aren’t many better products on the market than the Stihl range and this chain is very competitive as well. This 12-inch chain will fit 11 different Stihl chainsaws which makes it a good option as a chain replacement. If you are looking for a Stihl chain for one of your Stihl chainsaws, this chain should be considered.


Features: Low kickback – 12-inch – Versatile – Robust

Pricing: Affordable




The Bosch 1.1mm Chainsaw Chain is one of the best chain replacements around when it comes to Bosch products. This is an official Bosch product which makes it one of the cheapest chains around for the name you are getting and if you are looking for a Bosch chain, this one should definitely be at the top of your list. The Oregon chain is one of the most popular when it comes to a variety of chainsaws, but the Bosch just edges it because of the name.


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