How To Sharpen Chainsaw Chains

Best Ways To Sharpen Chainsaw Chains

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw ChainFrom time-to time, sharp objects such as axes, knives and swords get blunt and need sharpening. The same is also true with chainsaws, believe it or not. But, how does a chainsaw become blunt, and how can you sharpen it when it does?

Like all sharp objects over-time, the more you use them, the quicker they become worn, and lose their sharpness. However, mistreating or misusing your chainsaw is one way in which you can blunt it easily. If you were cutting a piece of wood that was close to the ground and your chainsaw blade made contact with the ground, then this could cause the chainsaw to become blunt, especially if the Earth is hard or frozen. So, try to avoid making contact with the ground when cutting, and cut upwards if you can.

But, what happens if your chainsaw is blunt? Is there anything you can do to sharpen it?

Fortunately, there are multiple tools available that can help you sharpen your chainsaw with extreme ease.

Top 3 Tools to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain

  1. Chain filer
  2. Chainsaw carbine cutter
  3. Sharpening stone

Chain Filer

A great, handy tool that allows you to get in-between the chain’s teeth. To use the chain filer effectively, get a marker pen and create a mark on the chain where it needs sharpening. Use the file as How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chainyou would with anything else, and file gently until you are satisfied that the blade is sharp and ready to use.

Chainsaw Carbine Cutter

This product from Timberline might be expensive at £175, but it is perhaps one of the easiest sharpening tools you can buy and it claims that anyone can use it. It is made from high quality machined aluminium, so it should last a long time, despite how often you use it.

It works by clamping onto the saw and allowing the chain to move through the clamp, whilst doing so it sharpens the teeth and only removes a small amount of material compared to other sharpening devices.

Sharpening Stone

A sharpening stone device clamps onto the end of the chainsaw, allowing the chain to make contact with the stone. This device can sharpen your chainsaw within 3-5 seconds and is highly effective. Be careful with this tool to not overdo it.


As mentioned, there are multiple ways in which you can sharpen your chainsaw, so it is up to you which one you choose, as they are all very good. For newbies, I would recommend either the filer or carbine cutter, as they are the easiest and safest to use. Remember to regularly check to see if your chainsaw needs sharpening as in doing so will help maintain your chainsaw’s lifespan, as well making sure that it won’t unexpectedly jump whilst cutting.


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